Tom Davis spinning the tunes in the cafeteria @ lunch
Tom Davis spinning the tunes in the cafeteria @ lunch

You name it! Our generation listened to it, danced to it, composed it, performed it, attended concerts (KRNT, VET'S, the Val Air...) and pretty much totally immersed ourselves in the music proliferating throughout the explosive music scene of the 60's-70's in a variety of genres. 
Did it start with Elvis? Buddy Holly? The British Invasion (think Beatles, Stones), Peter Paul and Mary? Jimi Hendrix? Does it even matter? Once we connected, however it happened (late nights in our rooms listening to the Top 40 with KIOA's Ron Pepper, KSO's Dick Youngs) or getting "woke" in a haze-filled, reefer enhanced bar or concert with The Fabulous Flippers or Sly Stone, we were HOOKED! We still are. Some of us prefer "our" 60's sounds, some have expanded our musical tastes and genres but one thing we do know. Music defines our generation.
Several of our classmates have been inducted in the Iowa Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Some are STILL writing, producing and performing and engaged in the passion they love. (Steve Rue, Fred Lorence to name just 2). 
Even our children/grandchildren comment on our contributions to the music that has transcended our generation.
So. Without further adieu, get ready for RIDER MUSIC, over 900 songs quietly supplementing our reunion venues in the background. Quietly because, who can hear the person speaking to you right next to your ear these days? And just maybe before both nights are over, we will crank the tunes and GET DOWN (as far as our knees will allow). And just maybe we will observe "the Alligator", as performed by our guys who come to mind when we recall Friday nights at the Open Houses in the girl's gym after FB or BB games.

See link below for a current list of the RIDER MUSIC we hope you enjoy. It is in alphabetical order by artist. Click your back button to return to this website page.