Please RSVP to the 3 listed events separately: Friday night, Saturday morning TRHS tour (free), and Saturday night. Understand that if you only RSVP without sending payment, you are letting us know you have every intention of attending but have not yet confirmed.
Once Judy McKinley Rosset (our treasurer) has received your check via snail mail, or you have submitted an electronic payment via this website, your name and names of your paid guests will be added and will then appear on the "Who's Coming?" list.
The sooner you confirm (your $75/person check to Judy or $76 if through this website), your classmates waiting to see your name on the "Who's Coming" list will jump on the band wagon in eager anticipation of connecting with you once again. Your payment covers both Friday and Saturday night events and heavy hors d'oeuvres served at each. Both evenings there will be a cash bar only, unless someone donates a keg or 2 (Can we still kill a keg???). Payment questions can be answered by Jed Willoughby (515)418-0270.

"68ers who have RSVP'd by date:

3-19-18 Susan Burns McCoy 1
3-21-18 Kathryn Krieg Tuttle 1
3-23-18 Judy McKinley Rosset 1
3-28-18 Carole Dikis Johnson 1
3-30-18 Jane Skyles O'Dea 2
3-30-18 Leslie Knauer Leitz 1
3-31-18 Cindy Ohlson Bosley 1
3-31-18 Mark Leiserowitz  1
4-01-18 Rob King 2
4-08-18 David Frankling 2
4-08-18 Alison Long Goldberg 2
4-10-18 Ed Harjehausen 1
4-16-18 Tom Glidden 1
4-17-18 Ellie Wisdom 1
4-19-18 Deena Jones 1
4-20-18 Jim Larson 2