Hey Everyone, it’s Mary Kay Johnson Smith.  I hope that all of you are as excited as I am about coming to our reunion in just a little over a month from now.  I am so excited to see everyone & share with wonderful people!!  As I was getting my check ready to mail in this past weekend, something was in the back of my mind that I thought I read on our website about the cost of this reunion.  Sure enough, I found it towards the bottom of our website front page.  It was a gentle suggestion to add a little extra funds to your check if you can, to help defray some of the costs.  Here is what was written:  “This ticket price will not cover our reunion costs so donations are appreciated (a HUGE shout out of thanks to those of you who have already gone deeper into your pockets to donate)! The committee is working hard to create a memorable and FABULOUS 50th reunion for all of us to enjoy.”
I am not involved with the committee so I don’t have any idea of the costs but I do know that putting on an event of this magnitude is not cheap.  And I know that our committee wants to make this 50th class reunion as nice and as wonderful as can be.  I know that not everyone is able to donate anything extra and for some, the expenses for this weekend (travel, motels, food, etc.) will be tight to cover.  But if any of us can help them out by sending in extra money, I know they would greatly appreciate it.  The thought that flashes through my mind, is that this committee collectively or maybe just individually (i.e. Jed), could be on the hook for any shortfall after all bills have been paid.  That bothers me.  Someone, and I presume that it was Jed, has put his name on the line making these reservations at the different venues and they are going to want to be paid in full.  And someone is going to be held financially responsible if our TRHS class of 1968 fund doesn’t have enough to cover all expenses.
So, to that end, I implore any of you who can & will, please send some extra money to help cover expenses.  The money is going for a good cause.  And if there is money left over, then I presume that our committee will either keep it in a reunion fund or donate it on behalf of our class to TRHS.  I trust that they will make the right decision about that.  FYI, I am guessing that they would want extra funds separate from the $75.00 ticket.  I would suggest that we either earmark any extra as a donation or send a separate check made out to our TRHS 68 Reunion directly to Jed at 14298 Forest Ct., Clive, IA. 50325.

Mary Kay

Hi class of '68. By now you should have received your mailed invitations which included an order blank for our 50th reunion T-shirts (designed by Becky Eckstrand). Don't you love the psychedelic Teddy image? What an appropriate choice for 1968, reminiscent of Rod Cameron's yearbook cover design.
For many of you, the mailed invitation was unnecessary as you have perhaps already used the website or other avenues to make your reservation but it still serves as a reminder. AND how would you know you could order this fabulous T-shirt without receiving an invitation, right?
Your T-shirt order should be mailed separately to the Broken Arrow address on the order blank (checks payable to "Broken Arrow") by Aug. 29. T-shirts will be available for pick up @ the reunion.

Hi all. It is finally summer and DSM has had plenty of it already. In the 100's and swarms of mosquitos. Let's hope by September the environment is more to our liking.
With this update, we announce the addition of a golf outing hosted and arranged by Dave Fanning, golfer extraordinaire, on Sat. 09/22/2018.
All the details are provided under the link "Scheduled Events". Any questions can be answered by Dave (see event details), or if need be, use the "Contact Us" link and either Jed or I may be able to answer them. We need 32 golfers to make this happen!!! Come on Riders, regardless of skill level, even if you are a beginner and want to participate you can always just imagine you are tobogganing down the Waveland long hill when you knock one into the trees.


For today, 4-4-18:
We're getting requests as to where to read Classmates' bio info.  The information you originally entered is mostly in there for our database.  The only part of that info that is available to see is your name, photos, and anything you choose to share in the Comments Box under your Classmates' Update Profile.  Please jump on board, fill up that box, and tell us your story!!
Your committee getting the save-the-date cards ready to mail.
Your committee getting the save-the-date cards ready to mail.
Hi fellow classmates!
Welcome to your one-stop-shop Class of 1968 50th reunion webpage.
This "update!! (date)" link will continue to bring you the latest news and additions to this webpage now and for 1 calendar year AFTER our reunion.
Please check here periodically to obtain the latest news from our committee regarding upcoming happenings.

For today, 3-26-18:

Save the date post cards have been mailed. This website goes LIVE!
Please consider submitting RSVP's to all events you plan to attend and get a ticket as soon as possible. You will not receive a snail mail invitation this summer if you have already confirmed your plans to attend.