September 21, 2018
2 days since
our Reunion.
Our Roosevelt Roundup Cover  by Rod Cameron
Our Roosevelt Roundup Cover by Rod Cameron
2-4-6-8........ The Greatest Class to CELEBRATE!!
We 'R' 68!
50 YEARS! Whooda thunk it? A half century since walking across the stage @ Vet's! Our class of '68 turns 68 years old (most of us this year). It is time, once again, to gather the largest class ever to graduate from an Iowa high school at that time. It continues to be a daunting task to keep track of us all, but through the efforts of Julie Rowles Lagodney and her team of classmate trackers, we hope to have located most of you (over 725 out of 800+). That is incredible, tracker team!!!
This website was created to expedite the processes of both acquiring/sharing your updates since graduation and providing you with the necessary bits of information you require to join us for a wonderful weekend of fellowship, renewing acquaintances and making new friends. You possibly never knew 50% of our classmates existed until you scanned the 800+ names and photos in our senior yearbook. "New friend" potential is likely!!
To the far left, you will see a column of important links that will aid you in getting details about our reunion weekend, Friday and Saturday, September 21 and 22, 2018. Before you can make any progress viewing SOME of the various links, you will be directed to create a user name/password to sign in, update classmate profiles, and access other private-to-'68ers links, (photos, memorials, still missing, who's coming). 

Directions: Click on the classmates' updates link. You will see a user name/password entry box to the left and a "Not yet a member? Sign up" button to the right. Click on the "sign up" button and then create your user name/password. User name can be anything. Your real name will appear on the approved classmate list. Fill out the contact information questions. Your name, maiden name, and voluntary photos and comments are viewable to all of us. Click submit and your friendly webmaster will then approve you.

Enter your username and password each time you sign in to the private classmate links. Once you are an approved member, scan those private-to-68ers links mentioned, make an online reservation if you choose the online method, upload your photo memories, or add a tribute to a friend no longer with us. Please consider donating to our reunion costs when you make your reservation payment. As the Class of '68, we may use excess donations, monetary gifts, and left over coins in the kitty to fund a need or project currently expressed by the Roosevelt High School Foundation.

Guests and non-class members may also join us by accessing the public links to view scheduled events, make reservations, and leave comments within the "Guests and Guest Book" link.

The website will continue to expand as the weeks draw nearer to September. Check back often as new STUFF and new LINKS will appear. "Save the date" postcards arrived in March (graphic design logo by Chris Tullis Fischer). The postcards should direct you to this website. You will receive a snail mail (actual paper) invitation by midsummer. If you plan on attending, please RSVP and get a ticket as soon as possible. Snail mail invitations to those already confirmed will not be necessary, thereby reducing costs. THANK YOU from your committee! EITHER mail your reservations from the invitation tear-off portion to our treasurer Judy McKinley Rosset, 2505 40th Pl, Des Moines, IA 50310, with payment, OR make reservations and submit your payment electronically on this website under the "Get Tickets Here" link. I
f checks are mailed, tickets are $75 per person. This includes both evenings' activities/food (cash bar only), but are $76 per person via website to help us defray costs of online transactions @ 6% through This ticket price will not cover our reunion costs so donations are appreciated (a HUGE shout out of thanks to those of you who have already gone deeper into your pockets to donate)! The committee is working hard to create a memorable and FABULOUS 50th reunion for all of us to enjoy.
Again, there are no current plans to produce and mail biographical classmate booklets or contact directories this time around. All data will be viewable via this website to classmate members in the "classmates' updates" section, including photos (for purchase) from this reunion for at least one calendar year. Any questions or issues using the website may be addressed using the "contact us" link. Your reunion committee is excited about the venues, menus, and most importantly SEEING and chatting with all of you! We hope to see you in September.........
Always, GO RIDERS!
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